Introducing the "Get a Lift!"® program from Prevent Inc.

Because we believe in more gain - without the pain.

Protect your staff. Protect your organization.

We know that caring for your patients or residents in the healthcare setting is paramount. We know that making sure your caregivers have the ability to mobilize patients/residents safely and efficiently is crucial. But we also understand that you are running a business. Our proven methods and strategies guarantee dramatic savings and show a solid return on investment on the cost related to the enhancement of your organization's standard of care.

Acute Care Hospitals - Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis

Your Caregivers

Your staff have a right to be able to do their job without injuring themselves. Our "Get a Lift!"® program ensures they know how to employ correct techniques when using new or existing equipment.

Long Term Care - Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis

Your Care Practice

The care provided to your clients is designed to sustain and improve their health and to make their lives more comfortable. We train and mentor your staff so your care is safe and therapeutic.

Assisted Living - Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis

Your Reputation

Good standing is everything in the healthcare industry. Put simply, you can’t afford to take chances with the reputation of your organization. But you knew that anyway - so talk to us.

Home Health - Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis

Your Bottom Line

Reducing the risk of caregiver injury reduces insurance claims. It also boosts morale and therefore staff retention - all of which mean a better return on investment for your business.

Healthcare Solutions - Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis

"Get a Lift!"®

Could your healthcare organization use a helping hand?

Our trademarked, results-proven "Get a Lift!"® program employs registered nurses who work with your staff at the point of care. This hands-on approach improves your caregivers’ competency which increases compliance with the use of the equipment. Our program removes the risk of changing the healthcare practice.

Who are we?

We’re your partners in healthcare

We are not equipment manufacturers. We are registered nurses and we work with the equipment that you currently own and make the recommendations as to what additional will be needed. We’ve implemented more than 700 programs in healthcare organizations across the USA. From Chicago and Boston to Minneapolis and San Francisco and from Los Angeles and Charlotte to Dallas and Phoenix, we have the track record and the evidence that supports our success.

Isn’t it time you mobilized your organization by protecting your caregivers while enhancing your care delivery? Find out how we can help.

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