Acute Care Hospitals

Research is proving what we know, if you don’t move it you will lose it. Mobilizing acute care patients has proven to reduce their length of hospital stay and reduce debilitating complications.

Prevent, Inc.'s registered nurses develop caregivers' competency, at the point of care, with the safe and efficient use of mechanical lifts and other assist devices to lift, transfer, turn, reposition and to walk their patients who require partial or total assistance.

As registered nurses we are passionate about the integration of safe mobilization practices into the standard of care. Over time we have developed expert level skills with strategies to mobilize patients that are both efficient and effective.

Our "Get a Lift!"® services for acute care hospitals include:

  • Hands-on training for all caregivers on the use and function of the mobilization equipment and the determination of the patient's needs for mobilization support
  • Recommendations of the number and type of equipment needed for a successful program
  • Resources and assistance to develop the safe mobilization policy and procedures
  • Development of the support systems necessary for a successful program
  • Development of unit managers' expertise with managing the safe mobilization practice on their department
  • Compliance with unit-to-unit monitoring
  • Mentoring and development of caregivers, all shifts, all departments with the use of the equipment with their patients

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