Prevent, Inc. does not sell or manufacture mechanical lifts or assist devices. We evaluate and work with the equipment that you currently own and can make recommendations as to what additional devices may be needed.

Prevent, Inc. Has proven that healthcare with effective interventions and appropriate and adequate mechanical lifts and accessories can dramatically increase a patient’ s mobilation and eliminate or dramatically reduce the injury exposure to caregivers.

Prevent, Inc.’s safe mobilization tools, resources and expertise developed and honed over 20+ years are now available for those healthcare organizations dedicated to enhancing the safety of lifting, transferring and repositioning their patients.

These safe mobilization tools available:

  • policy templates
  • projections for adequate and appropriate equipment (lifts/slings)
  • training scripts and forms – nursing, maintenance laundry
  • resident mobilization support determination guides
  • care plan interventions for reducing risk of falls, skin integrity and supporting progress towards rehabilitative goals
  • forms for documenting equipment inspections, cloth sling inspections
  • hang tags for lifts
  • audits for nursing, maintenance, laundry and post injury
  • best practice reviews
  • financial return on investment format
  • registered nurse expertise via online training or on-call consultation

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